Rules of entry

for the SchoolJam School Band Festival 2014/2015

Who can take part?

We make no distinction between bands and solo artists. The maximum number of people in a band is 10 (this is because of space restrictions on stage in the live venues). In other words, any solo artist, and duo and any band with up to 10 members may take part.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. No one may be more than 21 years of age on the closing date for entries. And cheating is not worth the risk. If there is any reason to doubt anyone’s age you will be ID’d during the final, if not before. The winning band at the 2013 final was disqualified for this very reason.

Which musical genre is wanted?

There is a simple answer to this. Anything goes! The more variety the better. It can be instrumental music or a capella, it can be rock, pop, punk, jazz, ethno, dance, techno, hiphop, metal, whatever. We look forward to hearing every entry. But please no karaoke, no playbacks and no music entirely from a computer (we leave that sort of stuff to others).

Can I play a cover version?

Yes you can but the jury will then take the age of the musicians into account. It’s fine for very young participants to cover a song play a cover but we’d prefer older solo artists and bands to do original material.

How important is sound quality?

Sound quality has no bearing on the selection process. The jury will just be concentrating on the music. It goes without saying, however, that the jury must be able to hear what’s going on musically.

Is there a time limit?

Yes there is. Your piece should be no more than 4 minutes in length.

Are there any exceptions to these rules?

Yes, but only one. We love getting entries from special-needs schools. In such cases it is permissible for a teacher/carer to be part of the band but special dispensation is needed so please indicate this on your application form.

Disabled access

The qualifying rounds take place in in various clubs, so we are obviously reliant on the structural conditions at these venues. We will however do everything we can to enable disabled musicians (in wheelchairs for example) to appear on stage. The same applies to visitors to the live gigs.

How do I apply?

Please send us no more than two recordings. The simplest way to do this is to upload an MP3 file. You also need to fill in the band sheet and include a photo (jpg). If you don’t want to or cannot do this online, please mail us a CD containing your music and photos to the address below. In this case please fill out the band sheet and include it with the CD. Go straight to the application form.

What is the closing date?

December 15, 2014.

What will happen next?

The 12 to 15 live gigs will take place in February 2015. The precise locations and dates are not yet known. However we are trying to select the towns and cities so that no one has to travel too far. The slots will all be in the late afternoon so that even very young musicians can take part.

At each live gig a jury will select two bands to go forward to the next stage, the online vote. The online vote will determine which 8 band/performers will be invited to the final at Musikmesse in Frankfurt on April 18, 2015 (Saturday).

Do I have to pay anything or sign a contract?

No, there is no fee for participation. And we will pay for all travel costs starting with the trip to Frankfurt. You simply have to cover your own costs of getting to the preliminary rounds. We do not enter into contracts. Your parent or legal guardian must simply agree at a later date that your photos and your music may be published, for example for the online vote. You retain the copyrights however.

What can you win?

Let’s first tell you what you cannot win: recording contracts, and the like.

We give 120 (!) bands the opportunity to play live in a top venue. This alone is a huge prize because playing live is the dream of anyone who makes music.

We invite the best eight bands to the world’s largest music fair in Frankfurt. You will be playing on stage in the Frankfurt Festhalle, something beyond your wildest dreams. Just take a look at the videos from last year’s final.

What awaits the winning band?

A dream come true! You will play at the most prestigious festivals in Germany. the legendary Hurricane/Southside Festivals and we will be traveling with you to the “Empire of the Middle”! In October 2015 you will be playing live at the Music China Fair in Shanghai!

Will we be rich and famous?

We can’t guarantee you that. But you will have lots of fun. That we can guarantee!

If you want to apply by post please send your application to:

SchoolJam e.V.
School Band Festival 2014/2015
Unter den Birken 207D
50996 Cologne